IT assets are the foundation in running and growing the business. In order to utilize the IT assets fully and obtain the greatest value, they need to be managed throughout their lifecycle. However, tracking high volumes of assets is an overwhelming task for any organization, especially those with large and dynamic networks.


GlobalXperts’ Asset Management Service is designed to help organizations get the most out of their IT asset investments by simplifying the management of the IT assets and ensuring that they are always ready for the business. The service provides an accurate view of the assets by collecting the latest base data from various sources, which includes customer-provided data and network collections.

Dedicated Asset Manager

The Dedicated Asset Manager will serve as the SPOC managing, tracking, and reporting on any asset or contract management issues. The Asset Manager:

  • Provides an accurate view of the inventory
  • Tracks and manages IT assets and related contracts
  • Provides proactive alerts about impending contract expirations and uncovered assets
  • Provides detailed reports on inventory, including at-risk products

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete Inventory Visibility
  • Combine and reconcile data from customer and network collections
  • Manage and track asset moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs)
  • Analytics and Business Insight
  • Get up-to-date asset information for more strategic decisions regarding asset utilization and technology initiatives
  • Receive in-depth business reviews with recommendations for improvements
  • Asset Lifecycle and Contract Management
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Identify uncovered and last date of support assets, provide assistance for renewals and migration
  • Support contract entitlement issues