AI & Automation

Why is Enterprise Search Important?

Finding the right knowledge at the right time in a large enterprise in tedious. You get nowhere without guessing the right keywords. You end up going through documents page by page, eventually relying on your memory or intuition.

GlobalXperts’ solution powered by Coseer

Our solution is the next generation search tool for enterprises. It uses AI and Natural Language Understanding to answer questions just like humans do.

  • It immediately finds the right answer and takes you to the exact spot on the right page
  •  It returns insight, not just documents
  • It works in human language so you don’t have to worry about finding the magic keyword
  • It self-trains. You add the final touch, but you don’t need to spend millions on data prep

How does it work?

GlobalXperts uses Coseer’s path-breaking algorithm, Calibrated Quantum Mesh (CQM). It’s specifically built for unstructured data like natural language and emulates human thought processes better than other algorithms. One of the main benefits of CQM is that it enables very quick training. This means more iterations and bespoke models are possible in a very short time. All this adds up to a high quality tool that users feel comfortable with right away, and immediate ROI.

What makes us different?

  • Our solution is always reliable. With accuracy at 95-98%, it’s better than any existing search tools and better even than asking a knowledgeable co-worker
  • Integrating our solution is quick and painless. Just point and shoot, and deploy within 4-12 weeks
  • We are completely secure. Every byte of data stays in your private cloud
  • The numbers add up. We take minimal effort to train and reach high accuracy that businesses can trust within mere weeks
  • We provide a completely explainable AI. Every decision point is logged for full transparency